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Take a view is divided into two main classes, the Landscape Photographer of the Year Award and the Young Landscape Photographer of the Year Award, the latter being for those who are 17 or under on the closing date of 11th July 2014. To enter your images, you have to use the image uploader on the website and the payment of entry fees is by credit/debit card. The fees for anyone aged 17 and under must be paid by a parent or guardian and payment is seen as granting permission for an entry to be made.

There are four categories within each of the two classes and up to 25 images per person may be entered across the categories.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Selecting your images Choosing a category Resizing your images Enter and upload

Step 1: Selecting your images

Selecting your images

* NB. Size for initial entry – 1280 px longest length *

The minimum requirement, for all categories, is that the image must have been taken using a camera with a sufficiently high resolution to allow the image to be reproduced at A4 size or above (at 300 ppi). We recommend that you use a camera of 6 mega pixels or more. Please ensure that your camera is on its highest-quality setting.

You can also submit images that have been scanned from film or negative to all categories.

Images must be of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands but you do not have to be a UK resident to enter - entries are also welcome from overseas entrants.

It is very important that you read the category descriptions – you must make sure that your image is eligible for the category in which it is entered.

You may already have the images that you want to enter in your files. This is fine, as long as they have been taken within the five years immediately prior to the closing date. Images that have appeared in a previous Take a view books or those that have been successful in other national/international competitions are not eligible (see T&C #2). Images taken at the Youth workshops organised for the prize winners of previous Take a view competitions are also not eligible for entry.

Images submitted will be completely anonymous when they are viewed by the judges. The captions will not be shown at this stage and so images will be selected solely on their visual interest and impact.

Digital Adjustments.

Please consider the spirit of the competition when preparing your entry. We want to celebrate the very best landscape photography and allow those viewing the winning images to share the experiences that you felt when you were out in the UK landscape.

For images entered into Classic view, Living the view and Urban view, the
integrity of the subject must be maintained and the making of physical changes to the landscape is not permitted. You may not, for example, remove fences, move trees or strip in the sky from another image. Minor adjustments to levels and curves and cropping of the image are allowed. We will request the RAW file or original camera jpeg for any shortlisted image in these three categories.

The judges will allow more latitude in the ‘Your view’ category, which aims to encourage originality and conceptual thinking. However, remember that the image still has to ‘work’ for the judges and sometimes less is more.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging techniques & stitched panoramas are allowed in all categories, as are Black & White images. If you are entering infrared images, B&W can be entered into any category but colour work should be entered into ‘Your view’.

Other hints to help you to select your images:

Focus. The image should be sharp unless blur is an intentional effect. Winning and commended entries will be printed in a book and displayed as large prints at an exhibition at the National Theatre, so it is critical that the quality is as high as possible. Please use the best possible camera that you can. The requirements given for camera quality are MINIMUM requirements, and the larger the file size you can supply if your image is short-listed, the better. However, this will not change your chance of winning. As long as your image meets the minimum spec, it has an equal chance, but a larger file will mean that your image can be printed at a larger size.

Light. The use of light is key to a good landscape and the most important thing is that the light is appropriate to the image. There are many different types of ‘good’ light; storm light, early morning light, even flat light can be perfect, depending on the subject.

Composition. When editing your images for entry, make sure that you stand back from them and view them as a whole. Is there a tree growing out of the back of a sheep? Is the whole thing on a slant? Would it have been better if you’d moved a few feet to the left? Or held the camera nearer to the ground? There are a lot of factors that contribute to the overall composition of an image, but it should be very obvious when everything has come together and looks right.

Emotion. This is a tricky one, as it is a very personal thing and hard to define. A good photograph will convey some of the emotion that the photographer was feeling at the time it was taken and a strong emotion, whether good or bad, can lift a picture above the ordinary. It is also a very good idea to seek a few opinions on the images you wish to enter. It can be difficult to assess your own work and be objective as there are always other factors that interfere – it may have been a particularly hard shot to get, you may have waited three days in a rainy camper van – but that does not necessarily make it good, so an opinion from someone who was not there when the picture was taken is invaluable.

Choosing a category Step 2
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