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Tony Bennett
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013

When Charlie rang me to tell me of my win, I was driving and I answered him on my ‘hands free’ phone. I remember him saying, ‘this is Charlie, Charlie Waite.’ My brain went into overdrive; intuitively I knew it was about the Landscape Photography Competition and was steeling myself to be told I had won one of the lesser prizes.

Then Charlie said, ‘Put both hands on the steering wheel and take a deep breath,’ a lump came into my throat as he said, ‘you have won first prize. Congratulations.’

After a stunned silence there was some light conversation between us, little of which I can recall, except I remember using the word ‘overwhelmed’, several times. Actually, that hardly described my feelings at that moment.

It took a stiff whisky and a shared bottle of wine later in the evening before the significance really began to dawn upon me.

Tony Bennett   Crummock Water by Tony Bennett

Simon Butterworth
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012

The day Charlie rang to tell me I had won LPOTY will be etched on my memory forever. I am still coming to terms with with the news after six months, though I have stopped believing it was all a dream - or a practical joke!

The publicity and press interest that accompanied the win has been fantastic, it has raised my profile as a photographer enormously. I split my professional time between photography and performing classical music but LPOTY has significantly shifted the balance in favour of photography.

Although I now have trips to China, India and Australia, as well as workshops in the pipeline, I feel the most important thing that LOPTY has given me is the confidence and self belief to pursue my own goals and interests in photography.

Simon Butterworth   Simon Butterworth


Robert Fulton
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

Receiving the phone call from Charlie to tell me that I had won the competition was probably the most memorable and surreal experience of my life, totally unbelievable. It was this first time I had entered the competition, although I had always considered it to be the most prestigious for a Landscape Photographer to win.

Initially I didn’t even have a website so I had to very quickly remedy that situation, and since then the surrounding publicity in the media and photographic magazines has been amazing. The website went live in November and by the end of March I’ve had 165,000 hits. I have been moved by the many compliments about my work that followed. Winning has certainly opened a lot of doors for me, such as being invited to judge in Austria and Turkey, as well as magazine competitions.

The prize money was very generous and will allow me to fulfil a lifetime ambition to visit Yellowstone on a photographic trip.

I don’t have any doubt that, for anyone considering turning professional, winning this prestigious competition would give their career a major boost. In my case, having been retired for some years and having reached the age of 67, I have decided to keep my photography on a largely amateur basis which I thoroughly enjoy, and long may it continue.

The win and the opening of the exhibition in the National Theatre in London have provided me with fantastic memories, and I rank winning the title as my proudest photographic achievement.

Robert Fulton   Robert Fulton

Antony Spencer
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010

Winning the Take a view Landscape Photographer of Year competition has been an incredible experience. The publicity has been absolutely huge and it has allowed me to realise my dream of becoming a full time landscape photographer. 

I have sold more prints in the last six months than I could have imagined, as well as writing and having images published in national newspapers and magazines. I have even just finished some filming for a national TV show. The whole experience has been very exciting and has totally changed my life forever.
The support from Charlie, Diana and the team has been a massive help - I can’t thank them enough.

Winning the competition is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I will never forget the moment Charlie Waite turned up at my door to bring me the news, a truly amazing experience!

Antony Spencer   Antony Spencer

Emmanuel Coupe
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009

I'm still surprised at how many people, across various countries, are aware of the Take a view competition and who continue to send me messages in regards to my winning photograph. Being the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009 has also proven to be very helpful to my professional endeavors, as winning such a prestigious award gives my work added credibility in the eyes of my clients.

Following the award, I have continued photographing with even more determination and most recently I have completed a two month tour of the USA, where I feel I have made some of my most important work to date. In the near future, I plan to photograph in Greece, where I now live, as well as in England and Wales. Meanwhile, I am working on upcoming exhibitions of my photographs across different countries. From time to time I do various workshops – including Scotland at least once a year - as I enjoy sharing my photographic experience with those eager to follow that journey.

Emmanuel Coupe   Emmanuel Coupe

Gary Eastwood
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2008

It is no exaggeration to say that winning the award changed the course of my photography career. Prior to the award, I was a novice, hobbyist landscape photographer but it helped to open doors that would otherwise have been closed and has allowed me to build up not just my Landscape Photography career, but also the Commercial and Wedding arms of my photography business. It really did put my photography career into gear, and I now operate as a full-time photographer.

In such a competitive industry, the award still grabs people’s attention whenever I pitch for new work or look to exhibit, and it often helps to get me noticed in the crowd, regardless of the genre. In addition, my first landscape photography book was published by Halsgrove Publishing in October. Sussex Loving It is a collection of panoramic images from around Sussex, and I hope to publish further books in due course. I regularly sell images through stock libraries such as Alamy and Loop Images and I have exhibited locally in restaurants, cafes and hotels. I will also be exhibiting new work in the Brighton and Worthing Open House Festivals, held in May and June 2011, respectively. Of course, on a personal level and as a huge admirer of Charlie Waite’s work, winning such a significant award remains one of my proudest moments.

Gary Eastwood   Gary Eastwood

Jon Gibbs
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2007

Winning the competition provided me with the foundation to realise the dream of becoming a full time photographer, which I am pleased to say I achieved recently.

Five years on, (where did the time go!) I am proud to say that I am now a photographic gallery co-owner and, despite these tough times, the gallery is trading well.

It was always an ambition to have my work published in a book and I now have three titles to my name and I am looking at starting work on a fourth soon.
Being full time means I can now get to travel around the British Isles; we have an embarrassment of riches here and we should be justly proud of our wonderful landscape.  

Jon Gibbs   Jon Gibbs

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