Entry Fees

We have tried to make our entry fees as flexible as possible and that gives you a few options.

For example, if you have an image that you want to enter now, but you know that you will have twelve more to enter before the end of the competition, then you have the option of selecting ‘I would like to enter up to 15 images’ and paying the fee for this, rather than entering them all individually.

Once you have registered and paid for a set number of images, you are given a unique login and you can go back in to your account at any time before the closing date to add or amend images, up to the total number paid for. This should help to save you money, but please be aware, again, as an example, that if you pay for 15 images and then only upload 9 by the closing date, no refund will be payable. Although you can add images to your account in more than one session, you cannot delete images that have already been uploaded you may only replace them. Entering the same image into two categories will use two of your upload spaces.

If you pay for, and submit seven images but then decide to submit a further seven images as a new transaction at a later date, you will have to pay the full ‘seven image’ fee for this second transaction, rather than paying the difference between the ‘seven image’ and ‘fifteen image’ fees. ie. You will pay £25 + £25, rather than the ‘fifteen image’ discounted fee of £30.

Adult Entry Fees

Single image: £10.00
Up to 7 images: £25.00
Up to 15 images: £30.00
Up to 25 images: £35.00

Youth Entry Fees (17 or under on 7th July 2018)

Up to 20 images: flat rate of £5.00